About LuJeanik

LuJeanik pronounced Lah-Jah-neek is a central Florida based company that was created by its owner Shanikki Chantel.  The brand is about being different and standing apart from the crowd, which is a great reflection based on its name.  The name LuJeanik was created by Shanikki Chantel, she wanted to create a name that was not only unique, but had a meaning.  LuJeanik is a combination of the two most important people in her life; Lucretia and Barbara Jean and a representation of 3 strong and loving women.  Her mother Lucretia, Her late grandmother Barbara Jean and herself Shanikki is how the name LuJeanik was born.

Since the beginning of its creation in 2007,  the LuJeanik brand has grazed runways in Hollywood, California; Miami, Charlotte, Atlanta and New York.  The brand has also been represented in several magazines, music videos and on celebrities.   Initially, the focus of the brand was swimwear, however as LuJeanik continues to make its mark in the industry the brand has expanded its focus to not only swimwear but to include high fashion couture pieces to show its creative and passionate side of fashion.

About The Designer

Shanikki Chantel originally from Jacksonville, FL knew as a teenager she wanted to be in the fashion industry.  She grew up as a young girl watching her late grandmother sew clothing for friends and church members, so it appears this is where the inspiration came from.  After graduating from high school, she immediately moved to Tampa, FL to attend the International Academy of Design and Technology where she first obtained her Associates Degree in Fashion and then continued her education by enrolling in their Bachelor of Science program where she later graduated with both an Associates and Bachelors in Fashion Design and Marketing.

After graduating, she soon discovered how difficult it was to find a job in her field so she ended up working for a major financial industry where she soon created her swimwear line called LuJeanik.   After being in Corporate America a few years, the company she worked for decided to downsize and she was later laid off.  Wanting a change, she decided to pack up her bags and move to Atlanta.  Atlanta was the perfect place for Shanikki to create a brand awareness away from Florida and soon she was working with local Atlanta talent.  Here LuJeanik was featured in many fashion shows, magazines and music videos.

After making her mark in the Atlanta and Charlotte area, she decided to move back to Tampa where she would began to build her own empire.  She then enrolled back in school at Saint Leo University to study Business and Marketing.  She later graduated with an MBA in Marketing.  Being that it was so difficult for Shanikki to find a career in the Fashion Industry being in Florida, she took the steps to create her own.  She now owns two fashion labels; LuJeanik and Attitude Behavior Clothing and also owns and manages her own fashion showroom, LuJeanik House of Fashion where she creates couture and ready to wear clothing for women.

Shanikki is all about empowering women. Currently she gives back to community by offering one-on-one classes to those young entrepreneurs that have a desire to be in the fashion industry.  She also has plans to make sure that the true art of fashion is passed on to generations and generations to come.